The Westglenn Metropolitan District Board of Directors meets regularly at the time and location listed below.  
  When: The 2020 Board meetings are held the third Friday of the month.
Meetings begin at 11:00 a.m.

3650 East 1st Avenue, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80206

  Agendas: District meeting agendas are posted on this website and the District designates the Westglenn Park shelter in Westminster, Colorado, as its 24-hour posting location in the District, in the event it is unable to post a notice on its website.  
  Agendas and Minutes Online:                  
  Meeting agendas and minutes are provided below.  They can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the links provided.  
  2020 Meeting Schedule                    
  01-08-2020 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  01-17-2020     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  02-21-2020     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  02-26-2020 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  03-20-2020 Agenda Minutes Special  Meeting                
  04-17-2020     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  05-15-2020 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  06-19-2020 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  07-17-2020 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  08-14-2020 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  08-21-2020     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  09-18-2020 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  10-16-2020     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  10-20-2020 Agenda   Special Meeting                
  11-16-2020 Agenda   Special Meeting                
  11-20-2020     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  12-18-2020     Special Meeting                
  2019 Meeting Schedule                    
  01-18-2019 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  02-15-2019 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  03-15-2019 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  04-16-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  04-19-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  05-17-2019 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  06-21-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  06-28-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  07-19-2019 Agenda Minutes Regular Meeting                
  08-16-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled          
  08-28-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  09-06-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  09-20-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  09-24-2019 Agenda   Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  10-16-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  10-18-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  11-13-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  11-15-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
  12-10-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  12-17-2019 Agenda Minutes Special Meeting                
  12-20-2019     Regular Meeting Cancelled              
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