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  The Westglenn Metropolitan District (WGMD)  is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State of Colorado located in the County of Jefferson, Colorado.  The District boundaries are east of Wadsworth Blvd, north of West 89th Blvd and south of West 92nd Avenue.  See the District Map for complete location details.

The District was organized in order to design, construct, acquire, operate and maintain public improvements in accordance with its Service Plan. The intent of the website is to help provide information to the public regarding the District and its activities.

  Resolutions and Notices  
  District meeting agendas are posted on this website and the District designates the Westglenn Park shelter in Westminster, Colorado, as its 24-hour posting location in the District, in the event it is unable to post a notice on its website.  
       Meeting Notice - October 20, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - September 18, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - August 14, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - July 17, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - June 19, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - May 15, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - March 20, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - February 26, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - January 8, 2020  
       Meeting Notice - December 17, 2019  
       Meeting Notice - December 10, 2019  
       Meeting Notice - November 13, 2019  
       Meeting Notice - October 16, 2019  
       Meeting Notice - September 24, 2019 (Cancelled)  
  Pursuant to section 32-1-809, Colorado Revised Statutes for Transparency Notices may be filed with Special District Association of Colorado.  This information must be provided annually to the eligible electors of the district no later that January 15 of each year.  
       Transparency Notice 2019  
  The Board approves and adopts the "Policy Regarding Requests for Public Records - Research and Retrieval" as Exhibit A to this resolution ("CORA Policy").  
       Colorado Open Records Act Rules and Policy (CORA)  
  As a government entity and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, the District is subject to and required to comply with Colorado Revised Statues, Section 24-73-101 as Exhibit A to this resolution ("PII Data Disposal Policy").  
       Disposal of Personal Information Policy (PII Data Disposal Policy)  
  The District is authorized, pursuant to 32-1-1001(1)(j) and (k), C.R.S., to impose and, from time to time, to increase or decrease fees, rates, tolls, penalties or charges for services, programs, or facilities furnished by the District, including Public Improvements.  
       Amended Imposition of a Development Fee (Public Improvements)  
       Imposition of a Development Fee (Public Improvements)  
  Westglenn Metropolitan District Photographs  
        District Photo Album 2019-08-14

District Aerial Photographs 2019-09-16

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